Friday, November 19, 2010

List of all TVB Dramas

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2010 Productions
Gun Metal Grey刑警
No Regrets 巾帼枭雄之义海豪情
Every Move you Make 读心神探
The Comeback Clan - 翻叮一族
Can't Buy Me Love 公主嫁到 (Grand Production): Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan
Growing Through Life - 摘星之旅 (Grand Production), Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Damian Lau, Toby Leung, Zhao Ji Kei)
Beauty Knows No Pain 女人最痛
O.L. Supreme 女皇辦公室
A Pillowcase of Mystery II 施公奇案II
When Lanes Merge 情越双白线
Ghost Writer 蒲松龄
The Mysteries of Love 談情說案
Sisters of Pearl 掌上明珠
Fly with Me 飞女正传
Suspects in Love 搜下留情
A Fistful of stances 铁马寻桥 (Iron Horse Seeking Bridge)
In the eye of the beholder 秋香怒点唐伯虎
My Better Half 老公萬歲
Don Juan Demercado 情人眼里高一
Cupid Stupid 恋爱星球人
The Season of Fate 五味人生
A Watchdog’s Tale 老友狗狗

2009 Productions
The Beauty of the Game 美丽高解像
A Chip Off The Old Block 巴不得爸爸
Born Rich 富贵门 (TVB Grand Production)
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宫心计
In the Chamber of Bliss 蔡锷与小凤仙
The Stew Of Life 有营煮妇
D.I.E Again 古灵精探B
You’re Hired 绝代商骄
Burning Flame III - 烈火雄心III
A Bride for a Ride 《王老虎抢亲》
A Great Way To Care - 仁心解碼
The Threshold Of A Persona - ID 精英
Rosy Business 《巾帼枭雄》
Just Love II - 老婆大人II
The King of Snooker 桌球天王
TVB Man In Charge 幕後大老爺
TVB Winter Melon Tale 大冬瓜
TVB E.U.(Emergency Unit) - 學警狙擊
TVB The Greatness Of A Hero 盛世人傑
TVB Sweetness in the Salt 碧血鹽梟

2008 Productions
The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣 - TVB Grand Production.
Pages Of Treasures 入黃金屋
When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West - 東山飄雨西關晴.
The Four 少年四大名捕
Last One Standing 与敌同行
Your Class or Mine 尖子攻略
TVB Legend of the Demigods 搜神傳
Heart of Greed II Moonlight Resonance 溏心风暴II 家好月圆
When A Dog Loves A Cat - 当狗爱上猫
Love Exchange 疑情別戀
Speech of Silence 《甜言蜜語》
Money Maker Recipe 師奶股神
Forensic Heroes Part II 法證先鋒II
Catch Me Now 原來愛上賊
Death Investigation Extension 古靈精探
The Master of Tai Chi 太極
Silver Chamber of Sorrows 銀樓金粉
A journey Called Life 金石良缘
The Seventh Day 最美麗的第七天
Wasabi Mon Amour 和味濃情
The Gentle Crackdown II 秀才愛上兵
Wars of In-laws II 野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶

2007 Productions
War and Destiny 亂世佳人
A Change of Destiny 天機算
Heart of Greed 溏心風暴
The Family Link 師奶兵團
On the First Beat 學警出更
The Green Grass of Home 緣來自有機
The Drive of Life 歲月風雲 (Cantonese Audio only with both English/Chinese subtitle)
Fathers and Sons 爸爸閉翳
Steps 舞動全城
Men don't cry 奸人堅
Ultime Crime Fighter 通天幹探
Word Twisters' Adventures 鐵咀銀牙
Building Blocks of Life 建築有情天
Survivors Law II 律政新人王II
Phoenix Rising 蘭花劫

2006 Productions

Land of Wealth - 滙通天下

A Pillow Case of Mystery 施公奇案
Maiden's Vow 鳳凰四重奏
Forensic Heroes Part I 法證先鋒
Dicey Business 賭場風雲
Face to Fate 布衣神相
The Price of Greed 千謊百計

2005 Production
Wars of In-laws I 我的野蠻奶奶